Wednesday, November 5, 2008


...some of the celebration pouring out in the Castro district of the city, as it's known. A place near and dear to your heart, Chris Matthews.

Matthews: Certainly me, having written for the papers out there it's-

Maddow: That may not all be celebration if it's in the Castro and we haven't got the results of Prop 8-

Matthews: Well yeah, Prop 8 is uh, Prop 8 Look I wanna say something. I was once at a Human Rights Campaign meeting in Philadelphia, a dinner, and Barney said to all the people there, a lot of them gay, he said, 'You know, things are changing' and they are. Because even in California where this is probably gonna go down tonight, this proposition, or rather pass, that's gonna basically throw back same sex marriage, if you look at the numbers it was like 4 to 1 against same sex marriage just a couple years ago. And now it's gonna be a much closer vote.

Maddow: I think the thing that's hard, and again, there's only 22 percent in and Lord knows what's gonna happen here, but the thing that is painful about the California vote if it goes this way, for gay Americans, is that this is an existing right. That, in the wording of the measure, it's very blunt, it's asking Americans...asking Californians to rescind a right that already exists. And that sort of language, that sort of blunt's not, you know, 'The sky will fall if we approve gay marriage'. Gay marriage has existed in California and Californians have seen that the sky hasn't fallen. And to have...For gay residents of California to have their fellow citizens vote to take away an existing right that they have that has caused nobody any measurable harm...I think will be a bit of a body blow on what will otherwise be...a...a satisfying night for a liberal leaning community.

Rachel Maddow looked extraordinarily sad in that video.

And now?


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